Born in France, I moved to New York City in April 1997. Away from everybody I knew and their musical influence, one day I was tempted to buy an ep just based on the spelling of the name of a band that I had never heard of before: AUTECHRE. I didn't even know how to pronounce it. I bought my first "IDM" ep that way... it was "ENVANE". And... "GOZ QUARTER" just got me completely overwhelmingly blown away. Then I ended up catching up with all of the Warp releases I had missed in the early 90s while I was still in France listening to MY BLOODY VALENTINE. "LOVELESS" is actually my favorite album of all time.. but since 1998, it has to share its #1 rank with "MUSIC HAS THE RIGHT TO CHILDREN". I was so stunned when I discovered BOARDS OF CANADA. I didn't know that music would or could ever touch me so deeply. Soon I realized that I had to sing over this magical music. My vocals would be my personal response to the emotions I was feeling while listening to this music.

So I recorded my first demo in 1999. The idea was to promote my ideas and my voice and contact artists that could be interested in working with female vocals. I wrote vocals over BOC's "ANYTHING YOU DO IS A BALLOON" and "HI SCORES", AFX's “IZ US”, “NANNOU” and “FLIM”, as well as THE BLACK DOG's "SHADEHEAD" and TECHNICOLOR’s “UNFALL CLOUDS”. (uplifiting demo)

Through this demo, I was able to meet numerous artists in the US and throughout Europe. Shortly after, I started to work on my debut album with Nate Harrison and David Michael in New York and established contacts with people I was interested in working with (among whom Mr Projectile, EU, then later Ulrich Schnauss, John Xela...).

I met the Funcken brothers at a party in New York and remained in touch with Don. Ive worked on few FUNCKARMA's tracks and Don chose "ARATI" to feature on their album "SOLID STATE" (released on DUB in 2001).

Then RECORD CAMP offered me to release "FISH" (a track that I had co-written with my friend Nate Harrison) on their compilation "BROOKLYN KEEPS ON TAKIN' IT" (released in 2003). I found out shortly after that John Peel had played the track on his BBC program. I felt so honored!
In February 2006, U-Pop Records released Elasped Time, my debut album, in Japan. Shortly after, before the summer, the French-based label M-Tronic released the album with a worldwide distrubution.
I started to perform live in 2003 when I opened for Funkstorung in New York. Since then, I played in Chicago with Kate Simko, in St Malo, first with Robin Guthrie (2004), then with Ulrich Schnauss (2006), both times for La route du Rock music festival and in June 2006, I had my first show in Paris at OPA Bastille.

Before moving to NY, I had already started to sing with a friend. We had a demo that we had put together at the time and we continued to work together after I moved, using internnet to exchange our ideas. At the end of 2003, one of our track got selected by Les Inrocks (#1 French Music magazine) under the band's name Firefact to feature on their CQFD 2004 cd exposing 20 new talents to be discovered... Thanks to this exposure, we were able to open for the well known rock festival in France (La route du Rock) in August 2004 with a very special guest star: Robin Guthrie from the Cocteau Twins.