Debut album: E l a p s e d T i m e
Music written and produced by:

David Michael
Fish Nate Harrison and Céline
Released on Record Camp's compilation "Brooklyn keeps on takin'it" in 2003

Played by John Peel on his BBC program

In the sun
Mr Projectile
Sky Tucker and Céline
The boy
Open EU
Colors David Michael Release on M-Tronic worldwide in June 2006
Un rêve Ulrich Schnauss
Released on Notenuf Records' compilation "One winter is Notenuf" in 2005
One day Nate Harrison and Céline
Daydream Displacer
Only available on M-Tronic release
Attendre Miles Tilmann
Here and now Funckarma
Release on U-Pop Records in Japan in February 2006