For Fun
Ulrich Schnauss Carl Craig
Total improvisation over "A WONDERFUL LIFE". I still would love to work on it so it sounds finished and be able to have Mr Craig in person listen to it :)
When I asked Ulrich if he would be interested in writing a track for my album, I sent him these vocals. Fortunately for me, he liked them and said OK!
A wonderful life
Between us and them
Released on Planet E in 2002
"Far Away Trains passing by" released on City Centre Offices in 2001
Digitonal Fizzarum
Simple improvisation in French...
When I heard Seraphim I knew it was the perfect melody for the lyrics I had created a long time ago...
"Neurokinetic" released on Toytronic in 2000
"23 Things Fall Apart" released on Toytronic in 2002